Solid Fuel Fired - Thermic Fluid Heater

Horizontal Thermic Fluid Heater

  This system is forced circulation fully automatic thermic fluid heater where thermic fluid is circulated in a closed loop through heater and user equipment circuit where the heat is dissipated to process. The same thermic fluid is re-circulated through heater for heating. The thermic fluid heater gives high temperature upto 300 oC using thermic fluid oil at near atmospheric pressure as compared to steam heating which requires 85 Kg/Cm2 pressure

Solid Fuel Fired - Thermic Fluid Heater

Parameter Unit Model
ABTV-400 ABTV-600 ABTV-1000 ABTV-1500 ABTV-2000
Heat Output Kcal/Hr 4,00,000 6,00,000 10,00,000 15,00,000 20,00,000
Max.Fluid Outlet Temperature oC 300
Max. Head at heater Outlet M/c 27
Efficiency on GCV With APH+ % 75
Without APH+ % 70
Rated fuel consumption Steam Coal Kg/hr 118 177 296 444 592
Lignite Kg/hr 152 228 381 571 762
Agro-waste Kg/hr 162 242 404 606 808
Thermic Fluid Pump Motor Kw 9.30 11.0 15.0 22.0 30
I.D.Fan Motor Kw 3.70 5.62 11.25 11.25 15.0
Over fire fan motor Kw - 1.50 2.25 3.70 3.70
Total Load kw 13.00 18.12 28.50 36.95 48.70
Expansion Tank Capacity Liters 800 800 1000 1000 1250
Overall Dimensions Length mm 4600 6000 7500 7800 10000
With mm 3800 4000 4500 5400 6200

Features :

  Multifuel Concept
Guaranted output on low grade coal and lignite with GCV upto 3800 Kcal/Kg. Agricultural Wastes such as rice Husk, Bagasse, Groundnut shell, Saw Dust etc.

  Highest Efficiency
The combustion chamber dimension and grate area are suitably designed for maximum combustion efficiency on low grade fuel. This system is easily accessible and large heating surface of Ambica heater and air pre-heater assures on unmatched efficiency f 76% (on GCV of coal having 5000 Kcal/Kg.)

  Low Power Consumption
Unique design of Ambica heater ensures lowest power consumption over any other competing system available today.

  Absolute Safety
External Combustion chamber ensures longer life of heater coil and thermic fluid. No radiation energy is transferred to heater coil in case of power failure ensuring complete safety. Diesel engine driven pump is not required for Fluid tech heater as compared to vertical systems.

  External Furnace
Coal/Lignite is burnt in an external furnace which results in an elimination of any possible hazard to the thermic fluid heater coil. A flue by-pass system is attached for the protection against power failure. The entire furnace is provided with steel casing and the combustion chamber is constructed with best quality high heat duty fire bricks and insulation bricks. Mineral wool insulating panels help minimum heat loss.

  Thermic Fluid Heater
Here a nest of concentric helical tube coils is placed within sturdy mild steel shell. The special arrangement of concentric coils ensures optimum heat transfer. The system along with the standard accessories is conveniently mounted on the sturdy steel skid for easy installation.

Safety Controles and Instrumentation

  •   Digital Electronic indicator cum controller forward/return temperature for ID fan off.
  •   Electronic stack temperature controller shuts of the unit in case of abnormally low temperature.
  •   Electronic low level controller in expansion cum deareated tank shuts off the unit in case of low thermic fluid level in tank.
  •   Electronic forward high temperature safety controllers shuts off the unit case forward temperature exceeds than minimum recommended temperature.
  •   Differential pressure switch shuts of in case of abnormal fluid flow conditions.
  •   Pressure gauge for inlet pressure measurement.
  •   Pressure gauge for circuit pressure measurement.
  •   Audio visual alarm for abnormal operating conditions.

Optional Features

  •   Coal cum oil firing system to change over from one fuel to another with minimum down time,
  •   Automatic by-pass damper with electromagnetic or pneumatic device.
  •   Modulating damper or variable speed drive to control combustion under all operating conditions.